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What of the Ground we stand on?

Join Storytellers Cara & Cat as they explore our myriad connections to each other and the Earth, through story and reflection on culture and the divine. Enjoy this inspiring mix of storytelling, discussion and - of course -humour!

Catriona is a storyteller, musician and healer, based in the Allgäu region of Southern Germany. Her focus as a teller is unearthing traces of the Divine Feminine and retelling HERstory. Her current project GODDESS is a deep dive into the manyfold aspects of femininity and its connection to the current desolate state of the planet, and aims to restore balance between masculine and feminine energies.

Cara is a Scottish storyteller, teacher, and writer who comes from a background in nature conservation, and developing and delivering environmental education programmes. In 2022 Cara was awarded a Residency with the National Theatre of Scotland to develop work around mental health, climate justice, and our environment. This led to investigating local spaces, ancient stories, and rediscovering the importance of rituals in community practice.

Taking Mary Magdalene as our starting point we see where this journey takes us. We touch on gender and masculine and feminine energies and reflect on societal expectations which affect us all. It includes a story from Cara ‘Mary is a Blacksmith’ which was originally developed with the musician Johanna Kirkpatrick. Cat discusses her Goddess research and some of the books she has used as part of the process to discover different aspects of Mary Magdalene.

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